Rotary International has endorsed Youth (formerly New Generations) as the Fifth Avenue of Service to join International, Community, Vocational and Club. The Five Avenues of Rotary Service provide the focus by which Rotarians make their unique contribution to World understanding, goodwill and peace both locally and globally.

The formalisation of Youth as the fifth avenue of service has not necessarily meant the establishment of new Rotary programs. It brings together under a more logical management model many wonderful programs, which have served young people over many years.

Working with young people can be challenging and needs to be well planned and structured. It is however very rewarding and satisfying. Programs need to be relevant and flexible enough to adjust to the rapidly changing environmental and societal challenges confronting young people.

Child Protection, the ability to ensure the well being of every young person involved in a Rotary program is a prime concern. A planned, nationally endorsed youth protection policy has been part of our Youth Exchange program for many years. This same policy needs to be extended and is now a mandatory, formal component of all of our District Youth Programs. The District Chair responsible for a Youth program should ensure that this be the first aspect of planning for the year’s activities. Advice may be obtained by contacting Child Protection Adviser Trevor Lynch.

The formalisation of Youth as an Avenue of Service makes no difference to the operation of the well run and excellent programs our district has conducted over many years. It simply brings them under the one umbrella. The role of the Youth Chair is advisory and one of support. The various District chairs will still plan, conduct and evaluate their individual programs.

Our District conducts most, if not all of the programs of Rotary International and some that are unique to Australia and our District. D9670 conducts the following Youth programs: Youth Exchange – short & long term - young adult vocational, Rotaract, Science and Engineering Challenge, Try-A-Trade, RYPEN, RYLA, RELAYID, RYAG, National Youth Science Forum, Model United Nations Assembly and Dream Cricket whilst many clubs conduct individual programs such as literacy and driver education. All programs are described in full separately on this website.