Posted by Nicole Shanks & Kerry Morrissey on Mar 12, 2016
Have you wondered how to engage the next generation, and encourage them to join Rotary. One club in our District has just done that with their new plan of gaining members and it is proving successful.
There is a shift in the air at the Rotary Club of Morisset on the beautiful shores of Lake Macquarie. An influx of youth attending the club has resulted in the club embracing new ideas for promoting Rotary and at the same time discovering fundraising does not always have to be come by means of a sausage sizzle.
Wanting to be part of the combined Rotary Clubs Light Up Newcastle Lantern Walk on 13th February the club designed and purchased 5000 custom made Fortune Cookies. They were Fortune Cookies with a twist in that they all had a saying which ended with #joinRotary. Now 5000 cookies which came individually wrapped with the Rotary Mark of Excellence Wheel needed lots of Rotarians on the night to walk around the Lantern Walk selling them. “Not in the old Rotary shirts” was the universal cry of the Youth, and some of Rotarians of advancing years quietly agreed – hence the bright breezy bold Rotary shirts were born with the slogan #joinRotary splashed across them. Not to be outdone the back had the large Rotary Wheel and yes, you guessed, the newly founded webpage written on the bottom of the shirt. Not happy to just have shirts for our club they wanted to spread the word across the District, and “why stop there” was the collective voice of enthusiasm. So we now have shirts in 5 different colours (red, blue, orange, white, and black), a webpage and a facebook account, all of course linked to the #joinRotary twitter feed.
The club tested the market at the District 9670 conference on the weekend of 5-6th March. Armed with 100 tee shirts, and some left over Fortune Cookies an anxious President watched to see if the other clubs would shun our shirts. To the contrary they were embraced with all the Youth Exchange Kids buying them, the Group Study Exchange Teams bought them as well as individuals from across the District. Many sizes were sold out and orders have been taken. The highlight was seeing Rotary International President's Representative Rangith Samarasinghe and his wife Kusum wearing the shirts, the YEP kids doing a dance routine all wearing the shirts, and seeing an elderly Rotarian at the Mudgee Show wearing a bright blue shirt with #joinRotary . Sightings from around the world will be documented on the website.
The Rotary Club of Morisset is proud of its Youth Members and proud of its longer term members who are working with new ideas, being prepared to take risks and embrace different mediums to spread the word of Rotary, attract new members and fundraise to enable us to continue to fund our community, District and International projects. If you are interested in knowing more or purchasing our shirts check out or following us on facebook at Joinrotary Tee-Shirts.
If you purchase shirts send your photo to add to our webpage as well follow them around the world and don’t forget to add them to the #joinRotary to keep the profile of Rotary young and active.