In a friendly spirit of co-operation, two of the Myall Coast’s Service Clubs have joined with the Tea Gardens Men’s Shed to provide a much needed disabled facility to one of our local residents.
The Lions Club of Tea Gardens, The Rotary Club of Myall Coast and the Tea Gardens Men’s Shed have pooled their talents and resources to provide a residential access ramp and a mobility scooter to Barbara Downing of Tea Gardens.
When interviewed, a representative of the Lions Club said, “Over the years, Barbara and her late husband, Ken, have been very involved in Community works and this was seen as one way that we could show thanks for their contribution.”
The Lions Club has had a mobility scooter in its possession for some years now, and decided to provide Barbara with the scooter on a long-term loan. Men’s Shed member, John Sills, along with others from the Men’s Shed team stripped down the scooter and completely reconditioned it.
The access to Barbara’s home was not able to accommodate the scooter so Ian Robinson, President of the Men’s Shed and Lions member, proposed that the talented team from the Men’s Shed should construct and install a suitable access ramp.
The Rotary Club was approached to participate in the venture and agreed to provide $500 to cover the cost of all the required building materials.
Since then, the scooter has been delivered and the ramp built and installed by a team led by Des Pagett and Kevin Partridge of the Men’s Shed.
Barbara said, “I am just so appreciative of the wonderful work that everyone has done. It will make such an enormous difference to my ability to get about in my daily life”.
This is a classic example of how Service Clubs and organisations such as the Men’s Shed can work together to make a difference in the Community.
Thanks to the incredible support that we get from our local Community, we are able to “Lend a Hand” where needed.