It is said that a dog is man’s best friend. Welcome to Isda, Sue’s best friend for her partner’s project. Isda will be travelling around with DG Graeme and Sue on their adventures around the District and beyond over the next 12 months.

Isda represents Integra Service Dogs Australia, a registered charitable organisation providing fully trained service dogs for veterans and first responders suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or more commonly known as, PTSD.

Integra dogs are young, reclassified Labrador dogs sourced from established partnerships with organisation such as Guide Dogs
Victoria, Australian Border Force Detection Dog Program, Seeing Eye Dogs Vision Australia, and private registered breeders. They are not pets. They are working dogs and each dog is carefully matched to their new owner.

Watch this space to read about Isda’s travels and what she gets up to, and having fun along the way. 
Isda’s guardian is Sue, and she is seeking your support in being able to fund a canine guardian to transform and enrich the life of a
veteran/and family, residing in our Rotary District. 

You can learn more about Isda’s friends at: