The District Governors of Australia, including District Governor (DG) Adrian Roach, have agreed to support a National Fundraising appeal for those people affected by Cyclone Winston in Fiji. This is a National Rotary Australian World Community Service (RAWCS) Project.
The RAWCS Fundraising appeal committee members consist of DG John Dare of D9830, DG Mike Woods of D9550, and our very own DG Adrian.

The aim of the fundraising is to gain as much funds as they can and then identify and assess what is required, then utilise these donated funds. The identification and assessment will not be conducted immediately, but could take time to establish the correct protocol with the Fijian Government.

As this is a Disaster Relief Project, RAWCS will not charge the usual 3% for donations from individuals and corporations.

If you would like to donate, please go to the RAWCS website and follow the links.

Let's spread the world and get those donations flowing.