Posted on Dec 20, 2021
Dignity India, a project of Rotary Club of Dubbo, would like to distribute saris to women and girls in the rural villages of India and they are looking for your help.
Original Rapalle was a very fertile land on the bank of the river Godavari. The Telangana Government relocated a few villages between 2015 till 2019, with completion of Yellampalli dam project and Rapalle(new) was one of them.
The developing area has 900 houses and closest public transport is 0.5 km from the highway bus stop.
This change has impacted the once sustainable livelihoods of the village people and encouraged the forced migration of mainly men and a few families.
The approximate living population of Rapalle is 1800 people currently. Between the general populous, there is a large majority of women and young girls belonging to less socioeconomic areas of society living in new home for safety barely meet basic needs of life. They get ration of rice but clothing is compromised.
It is hoped that with your support Dignity India Project can share respect via distribution of saris for the young girls and women, this may bring joy to their lives and put a smile on their faces.
If you would like more information, or for banking details, please contact Rotary Club of Dubbo President, Carla Pittman on 0418 294 438 or Project Co-ordinator Gargi Ganguly on 0429 771 116.