The Rotary Club of East Maitland held a successful Motorama in Morpeth. However, it took a long time to plan due to various red tape along the way in 2015.
This event came about in 2014, when after catering for the evevnt at the last minute, the Rotary Club was asked to take over the event fully.
With sponsors, advertising, and the relevant council and organisations in agreement with the plans, the event was taken place on Sunday 6 March.
Cars started coming in ahead of time, and by 8.30am, there was abundant of cars.  These cars continued to arrive up until 10am when the gate closed, and the spectators started arriving.
The Rotary Club estimated that there was over 500 cars displayed, with up to 2000 spectators.
Glen Jennings, owner of 'Lost in the 50s' museum, stated that "It was the best display of cars he had seen at a show, with many high quality cars on display that he had never seen before". Other regular show attendees stated "It was the best organised and the best laid out show they had been to", while major sponsor, Shannons, could only praise the event. 
Lend Lease, landowners of the property where the event was held, were so impressed with the way the show was conducted for the community that the Rotary Club has been guaranteed an invitation to return next year.
With errors discovered and rectified for next year, they are ensuring that it will be bigger and better.