Nominations are now open for the public to nominate a police officer that they consider that has gone beyond their duty and responsibilities as a police officer in the 2021 Rotary Police Officer of the Year Awards.
On behalf of the Rotary Clubs of NSW, the Rotary Club of Sydney have hosted the annual awards since 2010, and it is to honour police officers, unsworn employees and volunteers who show dedication and diligence in their service to their local communities.
After Covid-19 cancelled the 2020 Awards, the events is back with two award categories open to the public to nominate officers who have shown acts of courtesy, understanding, compassion, courage, and devotion to duty and community since November 2019.
The extended eligibility period covers all the bushfire and flood events, invcluding the initial covid response, with emergency services displaying the role they play in the community.
The two award categories open for public nomination are:
* Customer Service Excellence Award
This award recognises exceptional customer service provided to members of the community, and those police who contribute to the overall customer service policy by their involvement in communications, problem solving and innovation.
* The IJ (Irene Juergens APM) Fellowship Award
This award recognises outstanding individual contributions to community-based policing. The award is open to both sworn and unsworn employees, acknowledging those who demonstrate a personal commitment to engagement and crime prevention above and beyond their job requirements.
Nominations will close on Friday 27th August 2021 with the winners announced in November.
Nominations can be made by going online here.