Posted by Wilma Simmons /Marty Pall
Members of RC of Singleton Sunrise and the Club's Rotary Youth Exchange student present a gift to a resident in a local aged care centre to celebrate Father's Day. 
The Rotary Club of Singleton Sunrise , the newest of three Rotary clubs in Singleton, has established a 'tradition' of direct personal involvement with the Singleton community. Last year, the club began the idea of Mother's Day  gifts and visits to local aged care residents.  This year, this was extended to Father's Day. Last Sunday, club members delivered gifts to 52 male residents of  Calvary Cooinda Retirement Community, Elizabeth Gates Nursing Home / Alroy House Hostel and Sisters of Mercy Nursing Home. All three residences welcomed Singleton Sunrise Rotarians who distributed the gifts of confectionery, toiletries and personal items. The residents were all very grateful not only for the gifts, but for the chat and photo opportunity. Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Singleton Sunrise on this wonderful community project and for self funding the cost of the gifts with a "100 club" raffle amongst its members. 
For more information, contact Secretary Marty Pall