After the devastation that the cyclone caused in Fiji, our Shelterbox representatives, Peter and Lorraine Croft, have been inundated with phone calls from Rotarians and the public on how they can help the nation.
However, Shelterbox has released this update.
"Shelterbox already has pre-positioned aid in Fiji, which includes tents, water purification units, ground sheets, mosquito nets, tools, and other essential supplies. Additional aid will be deployed based on the outcomes of the assessments currently underway. ShelterBox is working to facilitate its response with partner, Sea Mercy, a charity which provides volunteer fleets of vessels and yachts that are already stationed in the South Pacific and which stand ready to conduct assessments and deliver emergency aid to the affected islands. Additionally, the ShelterBox Response Team is in touch with the local Rotary network in Fiji."


If you have any further questions, please contact Peter on 0427707722 or Lorraine on 0488707766.

Please continue to donate to Shelterbox as this stock will need replacing, ready for the next disaster around the world.