Over the past week, the District was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Past District Governor (PDG) Rex Meehan. 
PDG Rex was a gentleman and a True Rotarian , he believed in the ideals of Rotary and the 4 Way Test – he did not want accolades he just believed in service. To serve others that was paramount.
As a teenager PDG Rex thought he might become a jockey – this didn’t happen but, although he didn’t gamble he maintained an interest in the breeding of racehorses.
He worked in Sydney in the Solicitor General’s department before becoming a Magistrate. In this capacity PDG Rex’s postings included Taree and Wallsend.
After retirement he was the Referee for Consumer Affairs in Newcastle.
PDG Rex's Rotary History includes:
              Member Taree Rotary Club 1968 – 1976, President 1973 - 1974
              Joined Rotary Club of East Maitland 1976 - 1977
              1977 - 1978 Vocational Service Director
              1978 - 1979 Director Club Services , Vice President
              1979 - 1980 President
              1983 - 1984, 1984 - 1985 Secretary
              Moved to Speers Point for work and joined Rotary Club of Warner’s Bay 1987 - 1992
              1990 - 91 District Governor  (This was before the days of Assistant Governors when the DG carried the load of office solo).
              Rejoined Rotary Club of East Maitland on 17 March 1992
              Secretary 1994 - 1995 & 1998 – 2004
             Served on numerous District Committees including:
                       DG Nominating Committee number of times
                       Youth Exchange Committee 1994 - 1999
                       Paul Harris Fellow 1987 and Sapphire 2003.
At the East Maitland Rotary club meetings, for a long period, PDG Rex regularly answered questions on “Rotary Information.”
PDG Rex was a generous person giving freely of his time and advice to assist others.
He will be missed greatly by Rotarians generally and by members of our club in particular.
PDG Rex is survived by his wife, Verelle, his daughter, Julie, sons Stuart and Lloyd and their families.
Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and fellow Rotarians who knew him.
PDG Rex was 84.