Australian Rotary Health (ARH)



As part of Rotary Club community service projects The Australian Rotary Health Research Fund (ARHRF) invites clubs to hold a Community Mental Health Forum, which not only raises the profile of Rotary in the community but assists people in the community to better understand mental illness and support mental illness sufferers.

The objectives of the community mental health forum are:
* To help to de-stigmatise mental illness
* To reduce the adverse impact of mental illness
* To deliver information about mental illness to local communities
* To improve the capacity of individuals to care for themselves when they develop a mental illness
* To improve the capacity of individuals to support others who have a mental illness
* To provide knowledge about the resources and services available in the community to assist individuals with a mental illness
* To form partnerships between Rotary Clubs, mental health services, support groups, local government and the community

Clubs can obtain assistance in planning a mental health forum and in sourcing guest speakers from:
* The ARHRF Administration Office, Cheryl Deguara, Program Coordinator.
* The District Mental Health Forum Advocate, or
* Members of the ARHRF District Committee