Rotary Youth in Crops, Agronomy, Grain and Seeds (RYCAGS)


Rotary Youth Crops, Agronomy, Grain and Seed Camp
This is a week ong camp for year 9/10 agriculture (ag) students wanting to learn the finer points of crop farming from several professionals. A maximum of 24 students are accepted (two per school) and several schools book their students well ahead of the camp. Visits to three farms, 5 grain wholesalers, a crop research farm, an irrigation scheme, a cattle feed lot, 3 machinery retailers are part of the program. Several 30 minute lectures on tungsten points, fertilizers, life as an agronomist, genetic modification, precision agriculture, how city people became award winning farmers, banking, financing and insuring a crop provide the student with a great foundation to cropping.
The camp is held late October at the start of harvest. A bus is hired to transport the students to various sites. Meals, lectures and accommodation are at the Narromine Showground under the 24 hour supervision of two Rotarian couples.
A cadetship with a cash value of $2000 is offered to a selected student to complete a visit to two farms, two weeks with Pioneer Australia and three days with consulting agronomists. The cadetship is sponsored between RYCAGS and Pioneer Australia.
Students need to have a grounding in cropping and we note that most students are from working farms and many wish to undertake further study to remain in the agriculture industry.
Night games in teams entertain and interest the students after dinner.
The students arrive Sunday afternoon and go home Friday lunchtime. The cost per student is $300 for the camp and parents are responsible for transport to/from camp.
To date 195 students have attended a RYCAGS camp over 8 years.  Former students are encouraged to return as mentors and helpers for the next camp.
Several families have sent multiple siblings to RYCAGS over the past 8 years
The 2018 camp has been cancelled due to the prolonged drought.
Additional information can be obtained from the RYCAGS Coordinator Geoff Smith, Rotary Club of Narromine  6889 5447 or email
  • Many thanks for your leadership and organisational skills with this camp.....School Principal
  • I learned more in this week than in the past two years at school.....Student
  • Congratulations Geoff on a well run and informative camp.....PDG
  • A great initiative.....Ag teacher
Enquiries to Geoff Smith 6889 5447 or