Rotary Youth in Crops, Agronomy, Grain and Seeds (RYCAGS)

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The sixth RYCAGS Camp will be conducted by members of the Rotary Club of Narromine under the supervision of the camp’s founder Geoff Smith from 25 October 2015 to 30 October 2015. Agriculture students in years 9 and 10 are invited to attend the week- long camp and a maximum of 24 students are enrolled.
The Narromine Showground is the venue for the camp and the students are housed in good accommodation with showers and toilets. The males are well distanced from the females.  Rotarians prepare all the meals in the Rotary Food Van. An air conditioned coach is hired to transport the students to the many venues and the students are supervised 24/7 by two Rotarian couples.
The students will visit three Narromine farms to hear the owners describe their various cereal crops, ground preparation, crop rotation, irrigation, spray methods, fertilizer applications etc. Two machinery retailers demonstrate their tractors, spray rigs, harvesters etc. Five large grain wholesalers provide tours of their premises and explain transportation, storage, cleaning, fumigation, germination trials, moisture sampling etc. We visit a cattle feed lot to see how grain is mixed with hay, cotton seed and molasses in controlled proportions for a targeted gain weight. A highlight of the camp is inspecting field trials, learning how a weather station works, and soil sampling at a research station. The Narromine Irrigation System is fully explained.
Several professionals are invited to provide their expertise on various subjects including agronomy, crop finance, crop insurance, grain marketing, genetic modification, tungsten points etc.
Many activities are arranged at night to enable the students to wind-down and have fun. A formal dinner is held on the Thursday night with a guest speaker associated with the cropping industry. Attendance at this popular event is in demand with up to 100 people attending.
Nominations for the 2015 camp began at the completion of the 2014 camp with former RYCAGS student and agriculture teacher referrals.
  • Many thanks for your leadership and organisational skills with this camp.....School Principal
  • I learned more in this week than in the past two years at school.....Student
  • Congratulations Geoff on a well run and informative camp.....PDG
  • A great initiative.....Ag teacher
Enquiries to Geoff Smith 6889 5447 or