IN 2015 for 2016-17 FELLOWSHIPS
Rotary Peace Fellowships are offered on a worldwide competitive basis. Each Rotary district and non-districted club may submit as many applicants as they deem qualified for competition in the annual selection process.
The application process for both the master’s degree program and the professional development certificate program commences in the year before the award. Each applicant must make contact with a Rotary Club to initiate their application process. After Club interview and selection the Club will forward the application for the District interview and selection process. There is no limit on the number of suitable applications that may be submitted by a Club to the District and then for submission to RI World Headquarters.
More information for applicants is available at the Rotary International Peace Fellowships page. District 9670 Rotary club information is available here.District 9670 Club Directory An approximate timeline is detailed below: