The Group Study Exchange (GSE) team from District 3460, in Taiwan, have begun their tour around our District.
After meeting District Governor Adrian Roach and Pam Wellham, the Team Leader of our District team, at Sydney airport, the taiwanese then changed from international flights to domestic, and boarded the plane to head for Dubbo, the last leg of their journey.
The team consists of Team Leader Shu-Min Tsai, and members Jacky Kang, Jing Hsieh, Catherlen Liu, and Peggy Chi. The four young members are also Rotaractors.
The Rotary Club of Dubbo, hosted a fantastic "Welcoming Dinner", where the four Rotary Clubs in Dubbo, the local Rotaract club, and representatives from Narromine, came and heard the team present their life stories.
The team had a great time seeing the sights of Dubbo as well as those industries relating to their profession. They also had to deal with very high temperatures and humidity.
After a week in Dubbo, the team ventured onto Bourke, where it was going to be a little hotter, than the previous days.
The team will make their way towards the coast, before departing back to Taiwan on 18th March. You will have the opportunity to meet the team as they present at the District Conference in Mudgee soon.
Make sure you say hello if they come to your area.